Vicky’s dogs are back and now taking bookings for small/medium sized breeds.
With a new location please call 07855649699.


Vicky’s dogs has a new adventure and you're all welcome. Offering a social dog walking group at the
weekend with myself, other owners and our dogs. This is a great way for dogs who do not like being
groomed to get to know me through a social environment and being able to recognise a familiar face
when they come in for a groom.


Vicky’s dogs takes pride in helping nervous dogs to adjust to a grooming environment,
as they have grooming needs too. Weather it’s through our social dog walks or regular visit
for nothing more than a cuddle and some treats.

The best services of dog grooming at a competitive price, allowing your dog to be groomed in a calm and friendly environment.

Through the understanding of canine behaviour Vicky’s Dogs can make any dog's grooming experience a happy and relaxing one and help owners understand their dogs better.

So, look around, read through the articles about general dog information and stories or a look through the galleries of grooming styles on different breeds and photos from dog events attended.

Full Dog grooming service

We offer you the best services of dog grooming at a competitive price, allowing your dog to be groomed in a calm and friendly environment.

Free dog behaviour/training advice

We want to help owners with any behaviour problems their dog may have and make this information easy to obtain and cost effective.

Puppy information pack

We provide a ‘fact pack’, which contains information, tips and basic breed information which can be connected to a specific behaviour.


Vicky’s Dogs offers a wide range of Dog grooming for your pooch, from a full groom or just a bath and tidy up. Fully equipped to groom dogs to breed standard unless told otherwise.


Using one of many shampoos to suit every individual dog needs.


Using a high velocity dryer to help dry and rid coat of any lose hair.


For those dogs who need more than a bath and dry, offering a wide range of clipping and hand stripping.

Nails and ears

All dogs will get the nails clipped and ears cleaned unless the owner says otherwise.

For those dogs that are nervous Vicky’s Dogs allows owners to bring their dog a few times before their appointment for a play and cuddle to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Vicky’s Dogs also offers the same for puppy’s who would be coming for their first groom, it can be scary experience for them to see, hear and smell all these new things so offering owners to come a few times before their appointment to help familiarise the puppy to all the new sounds and smells and make them feel as comfortable to the grooming atmosphere. (all free of charge until the actual grooming appointment).

There is a set price for all breeds but price may vary depending on condition of coat.

Any dog that may need a lot of de -matting I would suggest two appointments so to give the dog a rest and so the process wont be stressful for the dog.


Here are some of the Canine Psychology services I can offer you and your dog:

Helping a puppy through puppyhood

Early training techniques so your pup is a happy and well behaved later in life.

House training

Advice for making house training less stressful for you and your dog.

Understanding your dog

Help in understanding your dog’s natural and unnatural behaviour.

Adult dog

Advice for adult dog training and problem behaviour.

...and much more!

All topics discussed with an owner are supported with the fact sheets included in your pack. This will cover the different training, behaviour and breed information, which can be taken home for future reference.

Any further information or advice after the first meeting is free.